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Stop hoping your team gets better. Make them better.
June 12th, 2019
"So I have this employee..." He starts. 

I know this line. It's the start of a conversation I've had a thousand times over with a multitude of business owners. 

And it's always delivered the same way. There's always that same look of anxiousness, that heaviness of, "What do I do now?" 

You probably know the look. You've probably made it yourself at some point. I know I have. I've had the employees who I felt like I have tried literally everything short of giving them the keys to the business, and somehow they still cannot get better. 

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The Death of Itunes Shows Even the Pros Can Get It Wrong
June 3rd, 2019
But it's less important that we talk the pros-and-cons of Itunes. Instead, with rumors swirling of its inevitable death now 20 years later, there's one question that's important to answer:

How did the same company that innovated two industries in under 10 years -- first with the Ipod and second with the Iphone only 6 years later -- totally miss the mark when it came to the Itunes service? 

I don't know anyone who would call themselves an Itunes user. I'd even say Apple customers use it because they have to. 

Are You Developing Your Internal Strategy?
May 3rd, 2019
There's a thousand different conversations you can have about your company and its External Strategy, including its ability to drive healthy revenue. After all, it's 2019 -- a year where the digital marketplace is evolving faster than ever. You'd be crazy not to have these conversations.

How can we innovate? How can we disrupt? What's our branding? Do we need to re-brand? What's our social media strategy? Is our SEO up-to-date? Do we need a product that's different? But still with some novelty? What are our competitors doing? Are we fighting hard enough for market share? Who are our customers? What's our niche? Do we know our target market? What's the data telling us?

You get the idea.

But what about your Internal Strategy? Isn't this strategy core to every successful, sustainable business?

I'm talking about the strategy that drives stability in the face of change.

I'm talking about the strategy that represents your brand to customers better than any ad, logo, or website every could. 

What Real Rewards Look like for Your Team -- and how they drive Engagement.
April 17th, 2019
When we talk engagement, we mean the employee who really cares about the work they're doing. It's the employee who's willing to put in the hours, who's committed to the vision, and who deeply cares about the business... maybe even as much as you do. 

It's not fluff or fantasy -- the most successful companies have solved the engagement riddle, and their results show.  

Chick-Fil-A, the company that hasn't had a down year in its history save one (during the housing recession), also boasts a retention rate 40% higher than its competitors for its full time employees.  

Southwest Airlines is no different, often earning a sort of fanfare status by its frequent flyers and even placing as the top airline compared to its major competitors in a recent 2018 report.  

The common thread in both these companies? They don't just say they value their employees -- they show they do by rewarding them for their accomplishments. 

You Don't Want to Have the Lowest Prices
April 9th, 2019
When I look at my own coaching business, I've sometimes run across clients who were desperate for help but didn't have the funding. Really wanting to make a difference, I've sometimes made an exception to either do someone a favor or just to try to lend a hand. 

These clients have ended up being some of my toughest customers. Hard to work with, stuck in limiting beliefs, and sometimes particular about the way we went about things.  

In fact, when I think of all the clients I "did a favor for", I really can't think of one that had a result I was enormously proud of.  

The work I'm most happy with? It's the people who've paid thousands of dollars more than my lowest paying clients.  

Why Are Networking Events so Cringey and Awful?
April 3rd, 2019
Networking events are awful. 

They're uncomfortable.  

They're awkwardly put together.  

You know the networking events I'm talking about. The ones that somehow transform a professional event into something out of middle school.  

So are they a huge waste of time? 

Stop Using "Startup" as an Excuse for Bad Business
March 21st, 2019
There's a trend in the startup community -- it's a trend that believes that using the term "startup" exonerates you from any responsibility to possess even the most basic requirements of a functional business. 

In the world of angel investors and venture capitalists, I'm finding that time and again there are a slew of "Startup Owners" who ignore even the most proven of fundamentals for business, and they usually force young, rising talent to bear the risk (and consequences). 

Trust is the Answer to Better Sales, Marketing, and Management
March 19th, 2019
People buy from people they trust. It's why the world's best marketers aren't masters of manipulations -- they know how to build trust fast.

If you're already familiar with trust -- you know how hard it is to build and how easy it to to break. 

You probably also know that people often take the path of least resistance. It's why we've seen the rise of "Trust Widgets" by people who want all the outcomes from trusting relationships without putting in any of the work. 

Let me explain what I'm getting at here. 

Why are there salespeople who are just somehow so good at selling, even without a 
background in sales?

Why Are So Many Great Leaders Talking About Lunch?
March 11th, 2019
You've probably had a chance to listen to a leader talk about some of their greatest moments. You may have taken furious notes, trying to take in every ounce of wisdom this person has to share. You may have heard this person talk about "that one big deal" that changed the direction of the company. One challenging conversation they had. Or even a risky strategic decision that could have tanked the company. There's something else they probably mentioned.

These leaders talk a lot about lunch. 

What Does It Mean to Value an Employee?
March 1st, 2019
Donnie Smith, former CEO of Tyson, tells the story about trying to make the right decisions for the business, and among pages upon pages of spreadsheets and data, he looks up to the team to say, "Does anyone understand any of this?"

Donnie's story isn't a unique one -- and this post isn't about data -- it's the fact that we often make things far more complicated than they are. The simple truth is this -- Valuing your team is really not that hard.  

When we talk about value, and what it means to value an employee, some insights to apply: 

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