#47 - How to Hire Really Great Employees
35% of business owners say that finding and hiring great employees is their #1 problem. But is the problem less about the quality of candidates and more about how we treat our employees? This episode builds on our presentation at SHARP where we shared on how to engage employees through a healthy workplace culture, and how your B and C-level players can easily become part of your A-Team with the right management style.

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#46 - Break the Business Model to Thrive
What caused major brands like Walgreens and Nintendo to make it while other massive companies like Blockbuster and Kodak were eventually bankrupted? The answer is found in the willingness of a business to break its own business model. 

When you master how to pivot despite the temptation to do what's always worked or to do what's safe, your business will not only survive, but thrive as well. 
#45 - Part 2: Carey Lingenfelter, Chief Engagement Officer HomeInstead Senior Care
Carey Lingenfelter returns to share his wisdom on a number of topics as an expert in leadership, management, and growth. His perspective during this conversation is a must-listen for all business owners and entrepreneurs alike.
Here's the relevant timestamps:

5:30 The Challenge of Becoming Self-Aware

10:00 Hitting the Pause Button For Your Life

15:45 Mastering Your "Why"

26:30 Why the Best Leaders Make Mistakes Often

43:30 Playing the Long Game by Delaying Today's Gratification for Tomorrow's Benefit

50:45 Overcoming the Blind Spots that Kill Momentum

1:00:45 Staying Positive When There's Every Reason to Be Cynical
#44 - Throw Out Annual Reviews. They're too slow.
Blake talks about how businesses have become too slow with using "annual reviews". Instead of helping employees grow, many managers wait for the annual mark to reveal past debts. If your business is ever going to grow and scale, you need to be able to not just pivot the business quickly, but help employees change their behaviors at a fast pace. It's also how you'll find out which employees are hungry and which ones are not.

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#43 - Part 1: Carey Lingenfelter, Chief Engagement Officer of HomeInstead, Senior Care
We sit down with Carey Lingenfelter, Chief Engagement Officer and managing partner of HomeInstead Senior Care here in NWA. Carey is a highly visible and involved professional in the NWA area, which has led him to being tremendously sought after for his value system that combines high performance, personal accountability, and authenticity. As a serial entrepreneur and experienced leader, he continues to make a significant impact in both the for profit and non profit world.
#42 - Even the Pros Can Get It Wrong
With rumors swirling that Itunes is on its death knell as Apple decides to move on, Blake explains how even the largest companies make mistakes, and how we shouldn't be discouraged by our own mistakes along the way. By passing the "Mom test", developing a high margin business, and keeping customers first, Blake explains how every entrepreneur can guarantee a level of success in their own journeys.

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#41 - Your Follower Numbers Don't Matter
Blake talks about a story in the news this week about an Instagram Influencer with over 2.6 million followers and her new clothing line. Should this guarantee traction for her business? You'd be surprised. We break down the problem with using Social Media for sales and how a multitude of business owners are missing the mark.
Episodes referenced: #15 - Creating 1000 Raving Screaming Fans
#40 - Revisiting What's Crucial for Starting a Business
Blake talks through the core of your business and how every successful entrepreneur is laser focused on their offer. If you want to start a business that works, you'll need absolute clarity on what's the "what" before you spend any energy on the "how".

Getting this backwards is why 42% of businesses fail -- they offer something no one wants. Worse, if you chase the "how" before figuring out the "what", you'll break the bank trying to force it to work.  

This episode references Episode #1 - What's Crucial for Starting a Business.
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