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Trust is the Answer to Better Sales, Marketing, and Management
March 19th, 2019
"People buy from people they trust. It's why the world's best marketers aren't masters of manipulations -- they know how to build trust fast. "
Trust is the secret to better Sales, Marketing, and Management. 

If you're already familiar with trust -- you know how hard it is to build and how easy it to to break. 

You probably also know that people often take the path of least resistance. It's why we've seen the rise of "Trust Widgets" by people who want all the outcomes from trusting relationships without putting in any of the work. 

Let me explain what I'm getting at here. 

Why are there salespeople who are just somehow so good at selling, even without a background in sales? 

On the flipside, why are there people who will go to literally every sales training, they'll go to every conference, they'll consume everything sales guru preaches and yet... cannot make the sale for the life of them? 

It's because no matter how skilled you are, there is simply no replacement for someone who knows how to build trust. 

People buy from people they trust. It's why the world's best marketers aren't masters of manipulations -- they know how to build trust fast 

The same is true for business owners who can scale their businesses quickly. The secret to management isn't a complex system of process prioritization or job description analysis -- it's a boss who knows how to build a high-performing team on trust, both vertical and horizontal. 

Here's a few takeaways. 

1) Authenticity is still your competitive edge. We live in a digital age that is so planned, precise, and superficial -- authenticity is a competitive edge if not for anything else that it disrupts the message. It's why the "iphone-in-hand" type video is converting far better than anything professionally made. We see the same trend in great bosses. Putting aside ego and embracing vulnerabilities are great starts. Remember, people listen to those they can relate with.

2) "Trust Widgets" give short term success at the expense of long-term growth. These are the strategies people put into play without fulling committing to trust. It's the marketer who knows that telling a relatable story about their own circumstances will help you buy. It's the boss who puts "Casual Friday" on the calendar. These people sorely miss the point -- you can try to implement all the ear-markings of trust through whatever clever methods you have, but these are relationships that are founded on something superficial. Worse, they don't last, and they certainly don't build 1000 raving fans. 

3) Reform Your Thinking on How to Build Trust. For great sales, people often think of a Wolf-On-Walstreet-esque salesperson. For marketing, the Gary V's and Grant Cardones of the world. For management, the Steve Jobs, Elon Musks, etc. etc. The biggest mistake you can make with trust is making it out to be something far more complicated than it is. Don't overthink this stuff. Extroverts and introverts alike are great at building trust. Start with being relatable. Start with being empathetic. With being a good listener. It really is that simple. 

Frustrated that you aren't seeing the success you want? Maybe you're trying all the widgets without building the real thing. Remember -- the widgets will get you success in the short-term, but this success is shallow. 

Want to build something that lasts? Start with building trust -- real, authentic trust.
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